“Exercise should be seen as a celebration of what your body is capable of.”

Exercise should be seen as a celebration of what your body is capable of

The #KeepMoving Initiative

Exercise is a functional health asset. The #KeepMoving movement was born out of my passion and desire to encourage people to include physical activity into their daily routine for a better quality of life.
Preventable lifestyle ailments can creep up at midlife partly due to reduced movement. This is when people can start to experience a decline in health which can affect their quality of life. Being a health coach and fitness
enthusiast, my mission is to help women transform their health by showing how good being fit feels. My mission
is to reach as many people as I possibly can, so that they too can enjoy the overall (physical, mental and emotional) health benefits of regular physical activity. Today, the power of the simple words #KeepMoving has
inspired and motivated hundreds of men and women to keep moving.

Why I started doing
Fitness challenges.

According to a WHO study, physical inactivity is the 4th primary risk factor for global mortality. Studies show that increasing sedentary lifestyles is having a negative impact on health. “Physical inactivity, and poor diet and nutrition, are increasingly becoming part of today’s lifestyle leading to the rapid rise of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or obesity.”

Being a fitness enthusiast and knowing how good that feels, my life’s mission is to constantly encourage other women to start exercising consistently at a level they can sustain. Encouraged by a dear friend, I held my first healthy lifestyle challenge in 2011. The success of this inspired me to continue encouraging women to get healthier by challenging them to make changes in a fun way so they too can enjoy the overall (physical, mental and emotional) health benefits of regularly exercising.

Every May, I run the KHL fitness challenge as my own little way of giving back. I devote my time for the entire month of May to the challenge. Despite all the information out there, obesity is at an all time high. The result of this is, lifestyle related diseases keep rising. Getting healthy can be difficult without support. Social support plays a vital part in successful weight loss. It accounts for the difference between success and failure. The accountability element of group programs is one of the keys to being motivated and sticking to plan.

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What To Expect From The KHL Fitness Challenge


The KHL Fitness Challenge is a fun challenge for all levels of fitness. The only thing you need is a pedometer or activity tracker and a positive attitude. All the end of the challenge, personalised medals are given to all who hit their target.


You will be motivated to move in ways you’ve could have never imagined and done before.


You’ll learn fun creative ways to achieve your target. Challenge participants usually share tips, experiences and much more. You’ll discover what works for you and what doesn’t.


The atmosphere in the group is lively, friendly and non judgmental. New friendships are formed amongst KHL Fitness challenge participants. You’ll make a connection with women who understand your daily struggles and who will make you feel better if you’re having a tough time.


Support is the difference between success and failure for many. For the duration of the challenge, you’ll be in a WhatsApp group community of women who support, inspire, motivate and challenge each other to hit their goals. This group camaraderie is priceless!


Many women have gone on to add regular physical activity to their daily routine after taking part in the KHL Fitness challenge. Most of these women come back every year to support other women to do so as well.

What Challenge Participants say

What to me is important is that feeling that I was able to do the KHL Challenge which means I can make it a lifestyle and sustain it. All this is possible because of this group. I did go to a health farm in the U.K sometime last year, but being in this group is better than any health farm, as the group support encourages you on a daily basis in your normal day to day life. So Fit & Fabulous ladies you all rock, thank you.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health.

A healthy gut helps stave off disease by boosting immune function.
My life’s mission is to help make living a vibrant and healthy life easy for you to do.

KHL May 2024
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