My mission is to help as many people as possible feel good about their body, be body confident, strong and healthy. I start at where you are, fully support and work with you to create a healthy lifestyle programme that’s realistic, sustainable and suited to your schedule and environment.  We are all created uniquely and as a result, I don’t believe one shoe fits all.

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A lot of people call themselves health and fitness experts but not all qualify. I can’t overemphasise how knowledgeable Kenny is in the area of a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle. She is truly an expert on nutrition, fitness and tailor made lifestyle changes that will enable you lead your best life. Engaging her will be one of your best decisions you will make and she is extremely good value for money.


The beauty of Kinetic K Lifestyle is that you can do as little or as much as you like. Everything counts towards your healthy lifestyle and you get support and encouragement every step of way.

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I have had my ups and downs but I can confidently say that exercise is now part of my lifestyle without even thinking about it. I can now run 10km at any given time which wasn’t possible a year ago. I find myself reaching for healthier food alternatives without even thinking about it which has arisen from the changes encouraged by Kinetic K. Changing little things leads to a healthier lifestyle. See, simple but effective. I have discovered and tried new and interesting food and recipes, and made healthy changes to my old recipes. Overall I feel fitter, healthier and more energetic since I became involved with Kinetic K Lifestyle. As a busy working mum of 3, energy is what I need the most. I still have away to go and I’m looking forward to further improvements while I #keepmoving.


Coach K gently nudges one to live healthy by eating right and most importantly ‘#keepmoving’. The results are priceless. An encounter with her gets you hooked for good, so get on the keep moving train.


As someone who has struggled with weight my whole life, having to give in to persistence and just KEEP MOVING shifted my outlook and results. You are a great role model and you live the life you preach. Keep up the great work.


I went for the free health check yesterday and the result was wonderful, the nurse actually said if I continue with what I’m presently doing, I’ll live till 150yrs, even said I didn’t look my age. She thought I was under 40.

Result of my tummy is great, Coach saw the before pic a while back when I complained to her. She then told me what to do and with the #SFF guess what? It worked!


Health is the greatest of all human blessings

Hippocrates 400BC

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