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Dance To Keep Fit

When people tell me they are too busy to workout, what they really mean is, it’s not priority. We aren’t on the go 24/7.  If something is really that important, we’ll find the time. Regular physical activity at middle age should be priority, it should be an absolute must because when we hit the 40’s, […]

Helping loved ones loose weight

I remember several years after I started my healthy living journey, once I had successfully achieved my goal, I became quite militant about overhauling the household diet. I dived in gung-ho, making changes overnight to their dismay. As you can imagine, I was met with quite a bit of resistance. I remember once buying low fat ice […]

This is why I love challenges.

Last week, to achieve my target, I found myself making a conscious effort to move more. Some people are naturally active and as a result, have a fast metabolism. I on the other hand, naturally love to sleep, rest and lounge around which is why I workout. I have to fight my natural disposition and make […]

Set Your Environment Up For Your Success.

According to colon specialist Dr N Walker, “a well cleansed colon in perfect working order is absolutely essential for a long, productive and active life.” After the Christmas festivities, it’s now time to refocus on healthy eating. January is the month to clean out the gunk in our system, regain our bounce, feel more vibrant, energised and […]

Change your habits, change your life.

Let’s face it, overhauling a not so good lifestyle is not an easy thing to do because it involves changing many unhealthy habits. Habits are hard to break because they are automatic behaviours. However, hard to break does not mean they are impossible to break. Habits can be broken, it takes being more self aware, […]

Carbs Are Not The Enemy!

According to the bible, when God created man, he also created food for man to eat. He created carbohydrates. Genesis 1:27-29 So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, […]

How to give your body a natural metabolic boost.

With regular physical activity ( cardio and strength) we can give our metabolism a boost. Here’s a fact, the body starts to slow down as it ages, we don’t move as much as we did in our younger years. Age related slow down is a natural process, but if we are moving less and still […]

“Oh just go and get yourself a girdle!”

I have memories of my mums beige girdles. They looked like contraptions. Whenever she travelled abroad, replacing her old girdles was always a priority. As a child, I would often wonder the point of it all. I remember asking her why she couldn’t just NOT wear them and she told me that she needed them […]