Dance To Keep Fit

When people tell me they are too busy to workout, what they really mean is, it’s not priority. We aren’t on the go 24/7.  If something is really that important, we’ll find the time.

Regular physical activity at middle age should be priority, it should be an absolute must because when we hit the 40’s, the body can start to degenerate and become prone to illnesses, weight starts to really creep up, putting us at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and many other ailments. We often attribute middle age weight gain to midlife spread but the actual fact is, we spread because we are moving less than we did in our younger years and our diet remains the same.

There are many ways to keep fit if you have a hectic lifestyle and can’t seem to find the time to hit the gym. Dancing is one way. Dancing is a very enjoyable physical activity that can be done anywhere. It gets the heart rate going, it’s fun, it positively affects mood and mental wellbeing.  I love dancing, it relaxes my muscles, helps with flexibility, balance and stability. It’s also a great calorie burning activity if you engage all limbs and give your moves a bit of ‘attitude’.


Afro beats Zumba at Bodyline Fitness Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

As a healthy lifestyle coach, I love to encourage people to move and one of the ways I do so is by facilitating fitness challenges throughout the year. This month, we’ve been doing the Step Count Challenge which is one of the most enjoyable challenges to do. If you’d like to be notified when my next challenge is coming up, click here ▶


Lastly, on June 16th 2018, the #FitFabFam will be hosting a dance hour with Elite Fitness Instructor Trisha Maja of Safari Fit as our instructor for the day. Trisha is simply amazing! Come and join us. Tickets are £15pp. we only have a few spaces left, so be quick!



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