Change your habits, change your life.

Let’s face it, overhauling a not so good lifestyle is not an easy thing to do because it involves changing many unhealthy habits. Habits are hard to break because they are automatic behaviours. However, hard to break does not mean they are impossible to break. Habits can be broken, it takes being more self aware, lots of practice and determination. You can replace bad habits with good ones and also perform those good habits in autopilot mode.

Here are a few tips to successfully breaking a bad habit.

Make a decision.
How important is it to you? How badly do you want to change that habit? What is it to you, is it something that you consider a “nice to change” or is it something that you realise is detrimental to your wellbeing and is a “must change”. Fully committing to breaking the habit will depend on how badly you want to change it. If you want it badly, you will prioritise breaking it without excuses.

Set a good habit goal
Focus on what you’d like to achieve rather than what you’d like to break. For example, instead of saying “I’d like to stop eating a chocolate bar after lunch everyday”, say “I will eat a piece of fruit after lunch everyday instead of a chocolate bar”. State it with firm intention, be realistic, make it simple and achievable with a timeframe. An opened ended good habit goal rarely ever gets achieved.

Have a plan.
Habit changing involves deliberate efforts and increased self awareness. You have to set yourself up to succeed. No one knows you like you. Consider everything you will need to keep you focused. Set up your environment. Be honest with yourself. Don’t keep chocolates in the house or office if you know you don’t yet have the will power to resist.

Join a community
Surround yourself with people who are achieving what you want to achieve. People who will support you. People who will show you that it can be done. People who will make you feel at home, who will be open and honest with you and tell you the truth with love. People who will keep you motivated and encourage you. You might have to make a whole new set of friends. ?



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  1. Glenda Omogbai
    Glenda Omogbai says:

    Well said CK!!! Well done. Key things for me here are: keeping it simple, how badly do I need to change?, being true to myself and surrounding myself with people wanting to achieve similar healthy goals. ????


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