How to naturally prevent your belly from sticking out in a fitted evening attire.

I have a formal evening party to go to, 2 weeks before the date, I buy a fitted evening skirt in the afternoon, the skirt is tight which means after having something to eat at the dinner, I might become very uncomfortable and I might have to unzip it at the back which is not a great thing to do at a party. So, I have two options,

Option 1: Return the skirt and look for something else that leaves room for food.
Option 2: Make sure the skirt is not too tight on the day by doing some pre-event prep.

I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t go the next size up. I actually did request the next size up, the young lady in the fitting room told me the skirt is meant to be tight and the next size up wouldn’t look nice. She brought it anyway and it was too big. So I got my normal size 10 and decided to risk option 2 simply because I liked the skirt and didn’t have time to look around for alternatives.

Having decided to go for option 2, pre-party prepping was necessary to make room for food on the day.

This is what I did 7 days before the event.

  • I avoided belly bloating foods.
    There a some foods that are known to cause bloating like cruciferous vegetables  ( brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, cabbage etc), legumes, some starchy carbohydrates, sugary and salty foods, and fizzy drinks. I stayed clear of all of the above with the exception of some starchy carbs (rice,wholemeal bread) which I kept just enough to fuel my workouts.
  • I increased my water intake.
    Hitting a daily 2 litre target is a big challenge on days I don’t workout in the gym. Increasing my gym workouts helped me hit this target easily. I targeted 1 litre by the time I’d done my morning workout and spread the remaining 1 litre over the course of the day. Water helps flush the system and aids bowel movement.
  • I increased my physical activity.
    I swapped my 10min LatX pre-spin warm ups for 20min treadmill easy pace runs and did a couple more spin sessions than my normal for the week. The running also helped me hit my daily H2O target and I burned slightly more calories than normal which means I was creating a bigger calorie deficit than my usual.



The skirt was a perfect fit on the day – tight with room for food. I enjoyed the lovely 3 course meal served without bulging and busting my zip. ?




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