How to give your body a natural metabolic boost.

With regular physical activity ( cardio and strength) we can give our metabolism a boost. Here’s a fact, the body starts to slow down as it ages, we don’t move as much as we did in our younger years. Age related slow down is a natural process, but if we are moving less and still eating the same amount of food (or more), the food we eat will get stored as fat because we are simply eating more than our body needs to function.

People talk of “middle age spread” as if it’s unavoidable. As if it’s something we have to accept.  Accept it if you are happy to spread but if you are not, I’m here to tell you you DON’T  have to, but you DO have to put in the effort to stop yourself from spreading by moving more or eating less when you aren’t regularly exercising. You will not die if you reduce your portions.


London Fit & Fabulous ladies, after our spin session.

I had pleasure of being in the company of my UK #FiTFabFam last Saturday. Our group ‘social prefect’ Flaky (second left) organised another lovely outing for us. We first had a 60min spin session at Canary Wharf (see video feedback), lunch and a movie. It was a lovely, laid back, relaxed day full of laughter. A much needed metabolism boost!

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge. Buy a pair of trainers, get appropriate clothing, join a support group (join the FitFab Group!), start slowly and feel how great this amazing God created body of ours is meant to feel. Your body needs care, physical activity and healthy eating is part of caring for your body so it serves you well in your older years.


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  1. Glenda Omogbai
    Glenda Omogbai says:

    I agree with CK and Liz. Regular exercise is extremely beneficial to health/ general well-being. And joining a health & fitness group will help with staying on track/ consistency.

  2. Lizzy
    Lizzy says:

    The benefits of regular excercise are priceless and being part of a support group is so encouraging and motivating. I took part in a 6000 seconds cardio, endurance and strength training last weekend and the slogan was ‘your body is a gift from God, do not neglect it’ Eating healthy and regular excercise is part of taking care of our body and to borrow CK’s words so that our bodies will serve us well in our older years.


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