Sex and Physical Activity – The Benefits.

Sex and Physical Activity – The Benefits.

I can’t forget the day I briefly popped in at a friends house and we had an impromptu chat about religion. I was disagreeing with some of the things she was saying (she is Muslim) but it was a friendly chat. Shortly after I left, she called me to apologise if she had offended me with her views ( she hadn’t), she said her husband (who overheard our discussion) said there are two topics women should not discuss with one another, Religion and Sex. I found that very interesting but did not discuss further.

It is true that in some cultures, women do not discuss sex for various reasons I will not be going into. In my culture, it’s not a topic that is discussed freely. Over the years, my husband has very much influenced my ability to discuss sex freely. We often talk about it and sometimes share our views on the topic with friends. This is one of the reasons why I am able to write this article about how physical activity has impacted my sex life.

Here’s the thing, when we get into our 40’s , everything starts to go down hill if we don’t do anything about it. That can include intimacy with a spouse. Actually, intimacy with a spouse can start to decline when children come into the scene. Taking care of children when they are younger just happens to get in the way of having regular sex. Sex becomes another chore way down the to do list. In can become unimportant if we allow it.

When men and women reach midlife, the kids are older and don’t need so much caring for. What then happens?
Women want to hang with other women who understand them and men want to hang with? Who do the men hang out with? Other men who are also in the critical mid life stage or other younger women who understand their needs, have more vigour, are more enthusiastic, make more effort to please and satisfy them in the bedroom?

In a ‘Understanding Your Husband’s Sexual Needs’ article, Author Robert Byrne once quipped, “Anyone who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.” This humorous statement hits home with what any adult with a brain knows: Sex is very, very important to men. Research consistently shows that between 80 and 90 percent of men view sex as the most important aspect of their marriage. When asked what one thing they would like to change in their marriages, they wish that their wives would be more interested in sex and more willing to initiate physical intimacy. Marriage experts Gary and Barbara Rosberg surveyed men about their sexual needs. The vast majority of men indicated that mutual pleasure and female initiation of sex were among their primary sexual needs.”

Back to myself!
I’m married to a man who is physically active which means his metabolic rate is fast. He is never too tired for sex. I on the other hand love to lounge around. That’s my default mode. Being physically active gives me the energy I need to keep it going. It gives me the energy I need 3-4 days a week to engage in something that is natural and bonding.

I exercise primarily for myself, even though I jokingly tell my husband I do it to keep up with him. The benefits are tremendous, being able to have sex several times a week and keep it hot during the years when it can go down hill is just one of the many benefits of regular exercise. According to hubby, “It’s not about the quantity but the quality…..but, who says you can’t have both?” He also often says, “It’s exciting every single time.” He puts in the effort to make it so, so I must put in the effort to keep my energy levels up so it is enjoyable for both of us.

Like I mentioned, I exercise for me, myself and I, that my husband loves my body and appreciates the effort I put in to keep things tight is very nice. That he looooooves what he sees is a bonus. I jokingly tell him that he does not pay attention, nor comment when I’m all dressed up looking fabulous but the moment I take my clothes off….. oooooooooohhh!

Yes, there are days when you just don’t feel like and could not be bothered, however, if the days when you make an effort are more than the days you don’t, an understanding partner should be fine.

Someone once told me “sex is not everything”. But of course it isn’t!
If it doesn’t matter to you and your man, cool. If it matters and he ain’t getting enough? How’s he supposed to let off that steam? DIY? Porno? Other women? Sex doll? Or pray that God will make the urge pass?

To conclude, according to research, exercise can enhance sexual arousal in women, exercise can raise your libido. Exercise increases flexibility, energy, reduces stress, releases feel good hormones, increases stamina , strength and endurance. It builds confidence and aids weight loss.

In short, it turns you into Wonder Woman. ?


This is not a generalisation of absolutely all men and women who inhabit the planet earth.

Here’s an great article from the Daily Telegraph

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  1. Bolanle
    Bolanle says:

    So true Coach ??, regular workout in combination with healthy eating does help improve sex life; more strength, flexibility and stamina (this is from personal experience)
    Due to my regular workout, I don’t feel my age and there’s been a dramatic increase in my sex drive.

    Workout = strength, flexibility = enhanced performance, no more muscle pulls, body ache or pain

  2. Ade Musah-Eroje
    Ade Musah-Eroje says:

    Kudos Koach K on this topic.
    Physical activity is essential in every one esp ladies of a certain age sic?
    But making love is also a physical activity and the extent you go determines the calories burnt?
    We are all different in our make up but I will encourage all ladies to be innovative .
    It will put a spring in your steps and joys in your heart ?
    On second thoughts may be I should take up a friend’s advise from years gone by and get a telly for the bedroom,? nah
    Koach K the way to a man’s heart is indeed thru his stomach; feed him good so he is happy & has energy for everything the rest na jara???

  3. Elozino
    Elozino says:

    Hmm, while it’s easy to dwell on statistics of whether its 20% or 60% kinetic writes about, lets not forget her emphasis on relativity; exercise can ‘enhance’ sexual arousal in women, ‘raise’ your libido, ‘increase’ flexibility & energy, ‘reduce’ stress.
    Its in the relativity we derive the full value of exercise. I used to go to bed tired, wake up tired, yawn through meetings all day, get home and plop into bed and continue the cycle next day. Exercise has definetly increased my energy levels- I hear my alarms in the Morning, hop and skip through the day, get home still bubbling with energy to spend with hubby. Hubby is definetly a happier camper.
    It’s relative to where you were before!

  4. Glenda Omogbai
    Glenda Omogbai says:

    CK I agree with all you have said. I m an advocate for talking to your spouse about sex especially after love making. Sex indeed is a GOOD thing according to God. The bible is clear on this. So if it’s a good thing we must continue to learn daily on how to improve on our sex life.

    One of the ways to improve your sex life is regular exercise. I have experienced an energy boost and appetite for more sex when my exercise routine is consistent.

    So my prayer is that all the symptoms that come with our beautiful age ( menopause) do not and will not mess up my swaga. ?

  5. Onyema Agbebi
    Onyema Agbebi says:

    I agree with majority or what you have said CK
    I feel more people should talk about sex especially with their partners or spouses but it continues to be a taboo but without talking how do the needful
    I do agree about quality over quantity though
    Very insightful CK
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Dunke
    Dunke says:

    Besides the sweeping generalization it is true that physical activity does give you the energy to engage several times a week but there are some ladies j know in the 40’s/50’s who are real tigers o and they’ve never seen the inside of a gym!!!!!


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