Vanity and physical activity

There is a certain age when we have no choice but to be physically active. Living in London in my early twenties, having to take pubic transport everywhere, sometimes having to run for buses and trains…. unstructured physical activity becomes part of everyday life. Back in the day, I was someone who could not keep still, if I wasn’t working, I was out visiting one friend or the other, or strolling around shopping centres looking for a bargain.

Then I stopped working in London and started driving, the next thing I knew, my clothes were getting tighter. The fact that I couldn’t afford to change my entire wardrobe was a blessing. Quite frankly, it was cheaper for me to start structuring regular planned physical activity into my week than replace my entire wardrobe. After a while at work, we were given the option of a gym membership or a extra week added to our annual holiday. I jumped at the gym option, 2-3 times a week I’d use the gym for 30mins on my lunch break. Using it after work was not an option because I had to collect my son from nursery.

Thinking about it now, in the early days of my journey, one thing that played a huge part in keeping me focused with regards weight maintenance is vanity.

I loved clothed, I loved looking good. I looooved looking good on the outside and I made sure I did. I always hunted for a bargain because I could not afford to buy clothes retail. The thought of having to change my entire wardrobe was horrific. ? The easier, more achievable option then was to plan and structure physical activity into my week.

These days, my focus is on feeling good from the inside as opposed to looking good on the outside. Looking good on the outside is something the world sees. I could cover it all, get dressed up, look fabulous but feel like c**p. I could go out get compliments and then get back home, feel exhausted, lacking in energy, maybe even have some health issues, have a look at myself in the mirror and feel… yuck!

Emphasis is now on feeling good from the inside when no one is there to see. I’m now in my 5th decade, metabolism slows down, muscle mass is decreasing, hormones are going haywire. These processes are unavoidable but manageable. This is the age where the wear and tear over the years on the body starts to really show if we don’t regularly service our body with exercise and good nutrition.

I wake up in the morning, open my eyes and think, “thank you Lord for another day, help me to do that which I need to do to keep this engine running just fine.”

No huffing and puffing to the finish line.


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  1. Kehi
    Kehi says:

    Ahh Coach K
    Feeling good about yourself from the inside is wonderful, but looking good from the outside as well …… priceless !?
    Thanks for all ur coaching and nudging

  2. Lizzy
    Lizzy says:

    Coach k having what motivates one to healthy living is key. Reading through your post vanity in this context in your earlier years helped you to achieve a healthy life style.
    For me a couple of health issues in 2010 gave me the nudge to adopt a healthy life style of working out three to four times a week as well as watching what I eat.
    The feel good from the inside is priceless and that keeps me going and most importantly the motivation Surpport and encouragement from members of the fit and fab group led by your humble self.
    All I can say is keep it up, keep motivating and ‘keepmoving’
    No pain no gain.


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