Every one needs someone who will push them.

Every one needs someone who will push them.

My gym buddy is back in Uni!
Over the summer, my son who isn’t an early riser had to become one to get a ride to the gym in the morning – a lot easier than taking the train.
Okay, we’re not gym buddies, I don’t think a 20yr old man would like to be called his mother’s gym buddy, especially because we don’t train together. We usually go our separate ways as soon as we step into the gym and would often meet up at the Captains Chair at the end of our workout.

The other day, I was looking through some old videos and I saw a video from summer 2016 when he persuaded me to try the triceps dips on the Captains Chair claiming it was more effective. I reluctantly tried it and found out that I couldn’t even do 1 rep. I told him then, that at my age, dips on THAT chair was out of the question. I felt I was too old for it.

Fast forward to summer 2017, I somehow found myself in front of the chair with my son persuading me to give it a go once again. “I’m too old to be attempting this” I said. “No you’re not” he replied. As we stood talking, a lady walks past us, asks us if she could share the chair with us – using it whilst we’re resting. She looked about my age. When it was her turn, she chains a little weight to her waist and does some pull ups. My son gives me a “you see” stare.

And that’s how I added C chair dips to my routine this summer. After my workout, 3 times a week, I’d drag myself to the bl***y chair and spend 5 minutes trying to do the dips. I set my self a target of 4 sets of 5 dips with no end date. In the beginning, I struggled to do even one dip but I had lots of encouragement to keep at it from Kash. I slowly moved from several attempts of trying to do even 1 rep to doing 1 rep, then I moved from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 etc. There were days I just didn’t feel like doing them, and Kash would tell me, “It’s okay if you don’t want to, but you will loose your gains”. Some
of those days I’d do it and and there were days I avoided him in the gym and didn’t do it.

Overall, I would say most weeks I attempted it 3 times and some weeks I only did it twice. I was very happy when I reached the 10 dips a set mark. I ended the summer doing 3 sets of 10 dips on the Chair. I definitely would not have achieved that without the help, support and encouragement of Kash, my summer Captains Chair Dip Coach.

No matter the level of fitness, we all need someone who will tell us that we can do much more than we think we can. At my age, it’s a necessity! We need that person who will remind us that #AgeIsJustASrtateOfMind.


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  1. Bolanle
    Bolanle says:

    So true! Thanks to my fnf buddies. If not for them, I wouldn’t be at the level I am with my fitness.
    Accountability has been helpful as well.

    Thanks Coach and fnf buddies

  2. Glenda Omogbai
    Glenda Omogbai says:

    Well done CK and big thank you to Kash for the encouragement. Consistency is key. We all need a “Kash” to keep us fit and healthy.


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