Compound Joint Exercises

Compound joint exercises are multi joint movements that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. In this video, I’m doing a full body exercise (an invisible seated row (squat and a row) ) that focuses on control, coordination, stability and strength. This is one of the exercises I did as part of my quick 30 min daily workout whilst away on holiday last summer. I love doing exercises like this because when on holiday with limited exercise time, I am able to work multiple muscle groups with one exercise burning calories and saving me time.

Here are a brief list of the benefits of compound exercises.

I’ll write more about each benefit in a future post.
  • Compound exercises improve stability and coordination.
  • Compound exercises help build strength.
  • Compound exercises provide an increased calorie burn.
  • Compound exercises improve fitness.
  • Compound exercises provide cardiovascular training benefits.
  • Compound exercise are time saving.


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