Use it or lose it.

Adults start to lose muscle mass from mid 30’s downward and the body starts to decline in function. Though age related decline is inevitable for all, we can slow it down with regular exercise. This will give us a better quality of life in our older years.

The musculoskeletal or activity system ( made up of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons) is the organ system that enables movement. Physical activity is essential for musculoskeletal health (body conditioning, flexibility, stability, mobility). The more you exercise, the more efficient your body becomes.  If we don’t regularly exercise, our musculoskeletal health starts to decline and basic activities like walking, running, climbing the stairs, bending down etc becomes difficult. In other words, we have to Keep Moving to ensure that we keep


The WHO recommends that an adult (18-64yrs) at a healthy weight,  should on a weekly basis do,


  • 75 mins of vigorous intensity aerobic activity + 2 strength building days.


  • 150 mins moderate intensity activity + 2 strength building days.
  • For additional health benefits, it is recommended that moderate intensity exercising should be increased to 300 mins weekly.


Beware of the dangers of a life of comfort and ease, don’t wait until it’s too late.



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