Successful Weight Loss tip 3

Most people know that they have to eat less and move more to lose weight. Most people know the theory of weight loss, the practice is what they struggle with. One of the things I’ve noticed is,  people who struggle with is accountability, struggle to lose weight.. People who struggle with being held accountable during the inevitable difficult stages of weight loss end up giving up.


You start well and you’re regularly updating your weight loss partner or group with your progress, after a while, you start to get fed up and you start to hide, your partner can’t reach you or you stop posting updates in your group. As a result, your weight loss efforts stall, (you might even put on the little weight you lost) and you feel down, upset, frustrated.  Or maybe you joined a group made up people who have had similar struggles like you, and after a short while, people stop checking in with updates.


People can sometimes underestimate the importance of accountability and support during the weight loss process. Accountability is the key to weight loss success. Accountability helps you stay on track, it  keeps you focused, motivated, consistent, supported, cheered, challenged.

Choose your weight loss accountability partner or group wisely.


Here are a few things to consider

  • How committed is your partner to your success?
  • How ‘available’ is your partner to support you during the rough moments?
  • Is your partner someone who is knowledgeable about weight loss?
  • Is your partner someone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle?
  • How serious are the members of the group about weight loss?
  • How consistent are the group members?


To sum it up, if you want to lose weight, move towards those who have done it and kept it off.

They are the ones who have the key to weight loss success.

My Successful weigh loss tip no 3 is, commit to being held accountable and get a partner who is consistently consistent about healthy living.



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