How I got my summer bikini body.

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for the kind comments made about my bikini pictures. ??


A couple of months before I went on holiday, I decided (for fun) to start ending some of my social media posts with summer bikini hash tags. I have to say, when I started it,  I had no intention of  wearing a bikini. I guess if you say something often enough, you start to believe it. ?


Here are my Summer Bikini Body tips


  • Be consistent and focus only on being consistent.

Most people focus on the wrong thing – weight loss. I learnt earlier on in my journey that what I needed to focus on was not the scale but my lifestyle. I needed to break certain bad habits and create new behaviours that would keep me permanently on the healthy living path. I don’t even weigh myself. I don’t need to. If I’m consistently doing the right things, then I have no need to worry about my weight.


  • Strength train.

Cardiovascular exercise is great for burning calories whilst you’re exercising, but if you want to keep your body burning long after your workout, you need to do more resistance exercises. The more muscle you have, the more you increase your metabolism, this increased metabolism results in weight loss. And if you’re worried about looking too muscular, women don’t have the same hormones as men, so we can’t bulk up like men.


  • Eat more protein.

Protein is the most satisfying nutrient. It keeps you fuller for longer – add it to every meal. Protein helps you build lean muscle. Muscle is dense, compact and takes up less space in the body and because muscle is leaner than fat, the more muscle you have the leaner you will look. Some great sources of protein are lean meat (white and red), fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, plants, legumes, grains, seeds.  Eat more protein and cut down on refined carbs and sugar.


              Look out for more great tips!



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